Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hello Old Friend.

Well, it's been a while.  While I would love to tell you, that I have not written because all is well and there nothing to tell, sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.  There are some things I just can not write about.

So rather than write about our life, I will share my impression of the new show on TV.  The Red Band Society.  I hoped when I first read about this show, it would honestly highlight the truth behind life in a babies hospital.  Not so.  I have been watching now for almost an hour and nothing looks slightly familiar to life in a Children's Hospital.  I would recognize it if it did.  I have spent months in Children's Hospitals.

Rather than tell the truth, they sugar coat the lives of children with fatal and potentially fatal diseases. Why?  It is okay for us to watch shows depicting life on the singles scene, as a housewife, as a sex addict.  When comes to depicting life with a terminal or life threatening children's disease we need to make it look like time a frat party.  This is an opportunity lost.

I think a show like this hurts more than it helps.  Life in a children's hospital is hard.  It is depressing.  It is painful.  You are a long way from home. You are not feeling good (if you were you would be home) It is not one big party as this show portrays it.  I am only sad because a show like this could bring awareness and compassion to the fight that faces so many children.

When I started this blog I thought I could easily share everything facing our family.  Some things are better left unsaid.  Jack's fight has been so difficult from the start.  But I have watched him fight, I have watched his sisters stand by his side and fight with him.  And sometimes it makes cry that I have not given them the perfect life they deserve, I know in my heart they are going to be fine.  They are going to win this fight.  Jack will be fine.

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