Sunday, February 6, 2011


Two weeks ago, I left the house and told my girls I would be back in two hours.  I was just taking Jack to Columbia, he had a fever and we needed to culture his line.  The girls did not see me for four days, when I stopped in for a change of clothes.  Note to self, parenting is not that hard, just show up.   I chose Jack.  I know most would say I had no choice.  But I did.  I chose Jack. Others will say I made the right choice.  Did I?  Only time will tell.

Sam, my first, and I have been together for fifteen years.  From the start she let me know who was in charge.  I purchased this gorgeous stroller and waited for her arrival.  She came alright, all 8 lbs and 22 inches, but when I put her in the stroller she screamed.  She was in the baby bjorn from that day on.  She started swimming at six.  Seven years later, I have bags of ribbons, many miles on my car and she has trophies, articles and a thirty year old record that she broke.   Recently Sam has been rethinking swimming. This last month, the month when I chose Jack, Sam needed me.  She acted out the Saturday night I was gone and her father said she was taking advantage of Jack being sick.  I knew better.  She needed me, I was not there, I let her down.

Today Sam embarked on her latest thing.... I found this wonderful talented photographer, Catherine White. She agreed to shoot Sam.  The pictures she took brought me to tears.  Here are just a couple

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